söndag 7 juni 2009

Next stop Kil

It's sad really - but here I am sitting on a train in Trollhättan heading home from Antalya and the Golden Arrow GP and the third leg of World Cup. It's quite a big contrast from 24 hours ago when I woke up at hotel Sheraton with the sun looking in through the window and the thermometer said it was around 30 degrees C in the air by 9 in the morgning.

Trollhättan seems to lack some of that hospitality of the weather front - 14 degrees, quite windy and dark clouds all over the sky. It's sad. Please take me back!

The mood just doesn't get any better with the three wierd hung over brittish olderly ladies sitting behind me chattering about just anything a bit to loud. God I wish I was somewhere else.

We did get ourselves a Team silver-medal, we have quite a fancy record in the team events - podium places in the last 7 tournaments and 3 gold finals out of the last 3 world cup tournaments. This time we had our asses handed to us by the Dutch team who did put up with an impressive performance.

Individually I had one crap end against Roberduval and then my trip was over for this time in the 1/16th elimination, there will not be any Shanghai-tournament - there just isn't any point. Mexico in the end of November? Hell yeah!

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